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Chapora Fort, Chapora, Goa, India

Chapora Fort stands on the site of an ancient fort built by Adil South western rampartsShah which gave the site its original name Shah-pora (now Chapora). The colonising Portuguese re-built Chapora Fort in its present form around 1717. The fort gives commanding views seaward, across and along the River Chapora to the north. With panoramic views of beaches to the south and inland to the east.

One of the best locations for sunset views, if you can stand the The climb up to Chapora Fortclimb.

There is no maintained pathway up to the fort, you just have to climb up a well trodden, gravelly, slope. If you are not really fit or sure-footed then take it very slowly!

When you do get up to Chapora Fort and enter through to only gateway, unfortunately you will find none of the cannons you Chapora Fort entrance from the insidewould expect to see are here, just the extensive stonework.

There are lookout points around the walls, but generally the place is not scenic in itself. None of the internal buildings remain, just some foundations here and there.


The site is recognised internationally as a historic monument but there is little pride taken in the ruins by Western lookout point - to seathe Goan administration. There are no information boards on-site. Chapora Fort is open to the public, apparently 24/7, free of charge. There are no official staff present. Just a couple of itinerant drinks vendors, charging at least twice the going rate for barely cool canned Fanta, Coke etc.



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