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Bird Watching In Goa

Goa's wildlife sanctuaries boast of more than 1512 documented species of plants, over 275 species of birds, over 48 kinds of animals and over 60 genera of reptiles

Goa is a great place to see birds of the air. We came across many different species without any planning.

Bird Watching and Wildlife In Goa

Fish Eagle - The Grey-headed Fish Eagle (Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus) is a bird of prey. Like all eagles, it is in the family Accipitridae. - Grey-headed Fish Eagle breeds in southern Asia from India and Sri Lanka to south east Asia and the Philippines.

Grey-headed Fish Eagle is a largish stocky raptor at about 70-75cm in length. Adults have dark brown wings and back, a grey head and reddish brown breast. The lower belly, thighs and tail are white, the latter having a black terminal band.

Mynah Bird / Myna Bird - Bird Watching and Wildlife In Goa

Mynah Bird / Myna Bird - Mynah Birds were eveywhere and quite tame around the hotels and on the beach, where they would take tit-bits at arms length! - The Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis), is a member of the starling family. This charming bird is native across Asia. It is also known as the Indian Myna or Talking Myna for its ability to mimic human speech. In India, it is called Lali or Lalee.

Bird Watching and Wildlife In Goa

Rose-Ringed Parakeet - The Rose-ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri), also known as the Ringnecked Parakeet, is a gregarious tropical parakeet species that is popular as a pet. We saw these at Hampi, but they were quite common elsewhere - we just never got close enough to take a (half-decent) photo.

Bird Watching and Wildlife In Goa


Bird Watching and Wildlife In Goa

Kingfisher - Kingfishers are small bright colored birds of the three families Alcedinidae (river kingfishers), Halcyonidae (tree kingfishers), and Cerylidae(water kingfishers). There are about 90 species of kingfisher. All have large heads, long, sharp, pointed bills, short legs, and stubby tails. They are found throughout the world.

Bird Watching and Wildlife In Goa


Crow Corvus - Bird Watching and Wildlife In Goa

Crow - There are a great number of Tropical Asian species of Crow: Slender-billed Crow Corvus enca, Piping Crow Corvus typicus, Banggai Crow Corvus unicolor (possibly extinct), Flores Crow Corvus florensis, Collared Crow Corvus torquatus, Daurian Jackdaw Corvus dauricus, House Crow Corvus splendens, Large-billed Crow Corvus macrorhynchos and Jungle Crow Corvus macrorhynchos levaillantii.

Crow Corvus - Bird Watching and Wildlife In Goa

Crow on the nest

Bird Watching and Wildlife In Goa

Cattle Egret - The Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) is a cosmopolitan species of heron (family Ardeidae) found in the tropics, subtropics and warm temperate zones. We saw Cattle Egret just about everywhere there were open fields, especially 'paddy'.

Bird Watching and Wildlife In Goa

Kite - Seen over Calangute Beach - Kites are raptors with long wings and can be recognised by the V shaped tail. Kites spend a great deal of time soaring and gliding. In general they feed on carrion but may also take small live prey.

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