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The Mustard and Peanut (Hindu God) Ganesh, Hampi, India

The Mustard Ganesh is about 3mtr (9ft) high. A monolithic stone Mustard Ganesh Hindu Godcarved statue of the Hindu (Elephant) god of wit and wisdom, the son of Shiva and Parvati. The true name of this statue is Sasivikalu Ganesha. The name Mustard is a comparitive name derived from the fact that of the two known statues at Hampi the Mustard Ganesh is the smaller - as the mustard seed is smaller than the peanut. The Peanut Ganesh is about 6mtr (18ft) high monolithic stone carved statue. The true name of this statue is Kadali Kalu Ganesha.

Neither of the statues are worshipped by Hindu's as both of the statues were damaged by the invading Muslim hordes when the capital fell - A damaged statue can't be worshipped.

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