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Monarch Flight to Goa, India - What are Monarch Airways like?

Monarch Premium Economy Review - Monarch Airlines Premier to Goa - Upgrade ?? - Fly Monarch to Goa

Monarch airlines aircraft - Monarch Premium Economy Review - Monarch Airlines to Goa - Fly Monarch to Goa Premier Class FlightAgainst our better judgment we accepted the charter flight arrangements made by Travelpack with a Monarch Airways flight to Goa.

We had to fly with Monarch once before many years ago to Lanzarote and swore we would not be treated like cattle again! No one should.

As there were no alternative charter flights to Goa we upgraded our seats for our Monarch flight to Goa to Premium class, at a cost of around £150 each - each way. Well worth the expense we thought, as we remembered the Premium passengers on the Lanzarote flight boarding first and being seated with a drink in their hand when we were herded on to the plane in economy!

Unfortunately the two class aircraft we were supposed to have for our Premium Monarch flight to Goa was not serviceable and a single class aircraft type was our destiny!

We got to check in at the Premium counter and were given a photocopied letter telling us what to do about compensation.

So all the Premium passengers were herded on to the flight with the first six rows of economy class (not being snobby - but we had paid for a Premium service). We were given some tepid orange juice as a welcome drink and then had to wait for two hours to get our first bar service!

We were assured that we would be made as comfortable as possible and have all the benefits of our upgrade whilst in flight. We were shown to three seats between the two of us! Great we thought a chance to spread out a bit - no way! The arms were fixed! I'm over 6'2" and not slightly built at around 19 stones. I found myself with my backside wedged into a seat with 29" of rake (having paid for 35") with my knees pressing into the seat in front and unable to move them in any direction whatsoever! I couldn't even stretch my legs under the seat in front! Resigned to aggravating my sciatica and old aching bones (I am a well worn [out] 57 year old - If you knew me you'd know I creak and click in most of my joints!). The large lady to my right couldn't even get herself into the seat and perched on the edge for 9 hours!

Where's the hand held entertainment console? - "I'm sorry that service is not available on this type of aircraft sir."

We did get a pretty purple goody bag with really useful things in it like eye-patches, (me thinks they are the pirates!) travel toothbrush with the softest bristles you ever felt in your life, a teeny tube of second rate toothpaste, a couple of pairs of ear plugs, some 'nice' purple flight socks and a couple of 'wet wipes' together with a biro and a little note-pad that fell apart as soon as you touched it! You can tell I'm impressed!

We did get the complimentary bar service (eventually) but we did have to pay for the nuts and crisps etc. (It would have been a nice gesture if Monarch had thrown them in!) I would say the in-flight catering food tray was slightly better than the economy but service was so slow. I don't think the staffing levels on single class aircraft match that of the Premium/economy ones?

Not only won't we fly a Monarch flight to Goa in economy, we won't ever fly with Monarch again!

The risk of such a flight ending up like this one has put the lid on that one for good!

Monarch Airline aircraft - Return Monarch Flight to Goa

The return Monarch Air flight from Goa was by Premium class and was almost - but not as good as regular economy scheduled flights with BA and Jet Air but not a patch on Emirates!

Monarch Airlines Customer Service

Monarch Airlines Customer Service comment card says:

"We are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of service we offer our passengers.

If you have any observations or comments regarding our levels of pre-flight or in-flight service, or, if you can suggest ways of making your flight more enjoyable, please make a note overleaf and hand this card to a member of the cabin crew before landing.

Although every card will be read and every suggestion will be considered and acted upon wherever appropriate, an individual reply cannot be guaranteed.

Thank you for helping us to keep Monarch Airlines at the leading edge of customer care in the air.

Customer Relations, Monarch Airlines Limited, London Luton Airport, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9NU - www.flymonarch.com"

Who do they think they are kidding?! We think that Monarch Airlines is the crappiest airline on the planet and would never fly with them again......God help you if you do!


We eventually got £80 each back in compensation for our premium economy to Goa.

If you have had a GOOD flight with Monarch Airlines to Goa then let us know Here.

Thursday 13/11/2008 - James Morris says: Hi - My partner and I did have quite a good one with Monarch for £50 per person per flight upgrade which was quite a good deal as well. - Bigger seat - Entertainment - Free drinks - Quick check in and seating - Well worth it! London to Goa : 8-9hrs - I must say though I tried to do the same on another and ended up on one of those (aircraft) without premier seating so it was a draw. - I’m going out there to get married in Feb so this deadlock will be broken by my experience then! - J.


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The alternative to a Monarch flight to Goa is via Mumbai or Delhi and an internal flight to Panjim (Panaji), Goa. Details to follow!

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