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Chapora, Goa, India

Chapora is a small picturesque fishing village nestling under the old ruins of the Portugeuse Chapora Fort, on the southern side of the estuary of the River Chapora, one of the major navigable rivers of Goa. There are great views to the north of a beach and northern banks of the River Chapora. Chapora itself is not a bustling commercial centre, but a quiet, sprawling low level community with a few roadside cafes and shops.

The prominent features of Chapora are fishing boat quay and Chapora fishing jetty -  Click for more picturesjetty, with its interesting and colourful fishing fleet, next to an estuary-side beach. The beach here isn't really suitable for sitting on. Most of the sand area is weed coveres, rocky and has many small fishing boats beached along its length. The remaining sand is polluted with torn and discarded fishing nets and broken paraphernalia.

Below Chapora Fort, on the sea-side of Chapora's fishing boat Small cleaner beaches -  Click for more picturesquay and jetty there are a series of small cleaner, useable beaches. These are accessible by passing through the dock are rounding the headland by an old (Portuguese) fortification and walking for about 200mtrs before you get to the first one.

Under the cliff on the second beach is a small Hindu temple that Small Hindu Temple - Click for more picturessome of the local fishermen come to make offerings before going to sea. The temple building is functional and not particularly pretty but you have to respect the sanctity of the place. The sunsets here are not spoilt by the prescence of iron ore carrying freighters moored on the horizon.

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The Chapora River was once an important waterway which, in every direction commanded distant approaches. Rising above the wide Chapora River, long before the Portuguese arrived in Goa, was a fort in place of the present one built. Even after the Portuguese acquired Bardez, the fort changed hands several times and was much sought after. Trying to end the Portuguese rule in Goa, Prince Akbar joined his father’s enemies, the Marathas in 1683 and made this place his base camp and it became the northern outpost of the Old conquests. After the Portuguese recovered from a scary experience with the Marathas they learnt that they had to strengthen their northern defences and provide shelter to the people there, but not until 1717 this present fort was built.

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