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Vagator Beach, Goa, India

Vagator Beach resort is split into three true beaches by small rocky promontories, Big Vagator,....

Vagator beach resort

Middle Vagator and Small Vagator beaches bask under the costal protection of red sandstone 'cliffs' fringed with coconut palms. The three beaches sweep in a gentle arch pounded at times by crashing waves. The sound of the sea and wind in the palms makes the atmosphere here stunning.

Vagator beach resort

The Vagator beaches (and rocks) can be a little crowded at high tide as this is quite a popular area with the locals and weekend trippers from inside India proper.

Hilltop over Vagator Beach is a popular spot for parties and is a huge tourist attraction for the local youth and tourists. New year tends to be the most chaotic with crowds easily in the thousands attending a party at Hilltop.

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