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Virupaksha Jain Temple, Hampi, India

Virupaksha Jain Temple, Hampi, India

North Karnataka has innumerable sites in the Temple Map of Karnataka, India, with its some of its still surviving monuments going back to the 7th century AD.

Virupaksha (Jain) Temple: A walled temple with an (about) Virupaksha Temple from Hamakut Hill50mtr (150ft) high, heavily ornamented, renovated, 6th century tower and a second smaller ("Raya") tower. The shrine is still in use today and has a temple elephant in situ in the main courtyard. The eleven stories high "Bistappaya" tower of the temple, through which you enter the temple compound is visible from a great distance.

The monument was declared to be of national importance under the (India) ancient monuments and archaeological sites and remains act, 1958. There is no photography permitted inside the area where the deity is worshipped.

Virupaksha Market just outside the temple is over 700mtrs long. This area was the longest "street" in old Hampi. Once a bullion and gem market. Still in use today by small shops selling souvenirs (and food for the temple elephant).

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